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You know the thing...need to get people engaged as soon as they join your session.  Speaking up, using chat, sharing a little about themselves.

Heard a good one yesterday:

"What would you do if you woke up one morning and everyone else in the world had just disappeared without a trace?"

Other favourites:

"What can you see if you look out of your window?"

"Share a bit of a good news"

"Share something you did recently for the first time"

"Say "Hi" in your native language". Make a fool of yourself trying to pronounce the greetings then ask them to pronounce properly.

Keen to add more to my list - what are your favourites?




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  • We're all involved in learning so how about 'What's one thing you learned in the last year?'

    Or if it's a smaller, less formal group how about playing a round of 'Would I lie to you?' share a truth or lie and let others guess which it is.

    • Thanks Kevin. "Would I lie" exercise could work well with a poll for voting.

  • - What did you learn from a book you just read, that YouTube video you watched, or that Podcast you listened to?
    - What did you get from that course you completed?
    - What crucial lesson did your mother give to you that sticks with you to this day?

    We are due to attend a team meeting next week and these questions were sent with the invite 

    • Thanks Tara. Making "learning" the theme of the conversation openers sounds like a good idea.

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