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hi all,

we had a bit of a nightmare this morning when adobe connect broke down right at the start of our pilot programme for cybersecurity. 

by the afternoon it was back  but we had a problem with the breakout rooms.

when we came back out of them and tried to show the breakout whiteboards all the 'drawing' had disappeared and they were blank.

was this user error, a regular problem or connected to the morning's break downs?

Any help at all gratefully received and if you prefer to contact me direct just let me know.  




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  • Hi Stella,

    I am so sorry you had issues with Adobe Connect. It sounds like you did well despite the problems!

    Off the top of my head I would think it was likely an issue with the drawing tools. Having them turned on in the breakouts but then when returning from the breakout to the main sessiion potentially having them turned off, this would then make it so the text can't be seen.

    If you still have the room in Adobe Connect, you could try going back to that section and turning the drawing tools back on, see if the text appears.

    It could be with the layout or how you chose to display the breakout whiteboards whislt back on the main screen.

    Jo will be able to provide more details! 

  • Hi Stella, good question. As there were technical problems, that would be my first guess. 

    However in Adobe breakout rooms it could be that you were looking for the wrong pod to bring into the plenary. If you go back into the breakouts, were the whiteboards blank? If they aren't, you need to look through the pod menus to find the right ones.

    If one was blank I would guess that was user error and the attendees had accidentally deleted the annotations. The other thing is that if they are whiteboards (rather than slides) you can have more than one page. Look bottom left of the whiteboard to see the page number and navigation buttons.

    If it's none of that, and if it was all/both breakouts I would assume a tech issue.

    Let us know what you investigate. 

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