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 Since September 2 sessions for two different clients using 2 different Adobe Providers in Different countries had to be cancelled and quite a few other session have been affected as well.

Similar symptoms in most occasion: 
First A couple of people starts to disconnect,
then a bit more, things get worst when starting breakout rooms.
Main presenter get disconnected, sometimes the host, 
chaos ... 
Adobe Technical support is very elusive. They are blaming it on participants using older version of Adobe. There has been some update as well. Would very helpful to get a sense for the scale of the issue(s). Please let me know if you have experience something similar in the past 2 months. Thanks

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  • Hi Gaelle, I've had some similar problems on a contract a few weeks ago. It would be fine for days, then one session it would kick everyone out, including me. 

    It could be older versions of Adobe Connect, they are going through a big upgrade at the moment so it's always worth people checking. I guess it could also be teething problems with upgrades?

    • Yes, you are right. I really wonder if there are any way of preventing it though or anticipating it. it has been very hard. 

      • Yes, some companies aren't always great at being open and honest about these things! I would prefer them to be, so I know what's happening and how to deal with it. 

        But I guess there's always the view that maybe they don't know either!

  • Hi Again Gaelle!

    I decided to delay our upgrade until December (good that I could do that), in the hope that things will be better before we start using it. Best John

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