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Google Meets

I have a client that is a Google enterprise user. Historically Google Meets has been used for meetings and webinars, not for interactive skills workshops. The functionality has improved massively - e.g. There are now breakout rooms, Q&A, Polls, Chat

There are also shortcomings - e.g. as a facilitator, I can't go into the breakout rooms - only the meeting organiser can do that and that is the technical producer.

Has anyone got experience of working in Google and finding work arounds for some of these areas where other platforms do so much better?

Thank you

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  • Google Meet is getting updates this year, including a raft of new features for host and moderator control.

    Here is the Google Meet product manager discussing them

    NOTE the link i pasted starts at the relevant product annoucement (about an hour in) - but the youtube frame below starts from the beginning... no idea why.

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