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Fees for virtual workshops???

Like many of us in this group, I'm making the transition from delivering all my training workshops face-to-face.

Safe to say I'm at the 'Conscious Incompetence' stage at the moment! But at least I'm getting some practice by doing a free session for each of my current clients.

Now I'm being asked about fees - and have no idea at all what to charge!

With the F2F work, I sell packages of 90-minute workshops, delivered on-site at clients. With virtual versions, they will obviously be (even) shorter. I'm also taking a leaf out of Jo's book and asking clients to cap numbers to 10. 

I don't expect people to share every detail on here. What would be useful is some thoughts on the range of fees, e.g. £xxx for 1, £xxxx for 6

Or another way might be to share what you've heard out there - the most outrageously high fee and the lowest. That would really help!



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  • Hi Dawn,

    Great question, and a tricky one!

    First thing - why are your 90 minute face to face sessions 'obviously' shorter live online? 90 minutes will work just fine - we run two-hour sessions in our training courses. There might be something in your content or approach that makes this different though. 

    Great that you are capping attendees to just 10 :D

    The advice I've been giving to people about fees is to work out what they would normally charge for their day rate, and then how long those sessions will take to run, and use that. 

    For instance, you might normally charge £800 a day for an eight hour day (to make this easy on maths), and you have a 90 minute session. You need to include time before and after the session to be online early (half an hour) and answer questions after (15 minutes). 

    So that 90 minutes, plus 30, plus 15 equals 2 hours 15 minutes. At £100 an hour that is £225 for the session. You can obviously substitute your own timing and hourly rate for this. 

    You may also want to include time for any other extras, emails, support etc that you offer for that session or for the client/project. 

    Some people have asked me whether they should offer their live online sessions cheaper than face to face. As a rule of thumb, I don't think so. The contents and specialism is still there, just a different modality. Most people I know of charge extra for any travel and hotel costs, so those are being saved. 

    Some people are being fairly open about their live online sessions being new to them and running discounts on pilot sessions to recognise this, so that is an option. 

    I hope this thinking helps you out, do let us know what else you found out and an idea of the way you are heading. 

    Anyone else any other ideas or approaches?

    • Thanks Jo - that's really helpful.

      To answer your question on time length; I've had some client comments that shorter time lengths for virtual vs F2F are what is wanted. So the few pilots I've done for some current clients have been 45-60 minutes and were OK (freebies on the understanding I've got L-plates - or should that be P-plates post-Lightbulb?!).

      However as you rightly say, 90 minutes is hardly a jail term!

      It just might be that's what their people say they want, or that their experience so far hasn't been great, or attention levels are low. Yet I imagine that can be helped with the right design and delivery. 

      I value the thought-provocation Jo - and will suggest a 90-minute session with another client who's taking up my offer of a free pilot virtual workshop to see how that goes. 

      Reassuring to see you don't suggest lower fees for virtual delivery. For my F2F work there's a print cost as well as travel time/cost; for virtual delivery those are replaced by downloads and follow-up resources. 

      Will you let you know how things go. Meanwhile, anyone got experiences to share?


  • Hi Dawn

    I'd echo everything Jo has said. The value you bring shouldn't be eroded because you're using a different delivery medium.


    If your sessions are interactive, you will need to make them longer than 10 minutes.

    At the outse of using an online platform, the participants will need some time to familiarise themselves with the tools they can use and then your design will need to factor this in.

    Good luck with what you're doing :)


    • Hi Ally, 

      Really appreciate your response - it's good to see that there are people in this group who hold the view that virtual doesn't mean cheaper. The fee's the fee - whatever the means of delivery. 

      The freebie pilots I've done are 45-minutes. The F2F ones I've done for years are 90-minutes and that's the length I'm now working on.

      Right now I'm adapting the content and activities so the objectives can be met whilst using a different medium. As well as standing my ground on fees, I'll apply your advice on allowing time for participants to get the hang of the tools.

      Thanks for your advice and I'll let you know how it goes :)


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