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F2F to Virtual

I am seeing lots of people wanting to transition F2F learning to virtual in the current climate. What are your top tips to do this successfully?

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  • Great question Viv. You could write a book on this! I will try to put my top thoughts on where to start with converting face to face materials to live online learning sessions, or virtual classrooms.

    • Go in with the mind-set that you CAN achieve the same results as your F2F session

    • Design with the learner outcome in mind just like you would do face to face

    • Try to plan in extra interactions to get digital body language feedback. Live online you miss the quick glance at someone to see if they have a question or need more support, planning in stopping points to get the digital equivalents will help you cement those learning points

    • Start off small! Use a few tools you are comfortable with and design different activites around them. Whiteboards, polls and chat can be used in a variety of different ways and still fresh

    That is my starting point but as I say there are so many things to consider! I am sure the rest of the Community will have other great ideas!


  • My top tips are:

    • keep it short (60 to 90 mins if possible)
    • build in regular interactions (every 5 mins)
    • use high quality visuals and avoid text heavy slides
    • set some groundrules to share at the start (muting etc)
    • take people through how to interact during the session and be clear how you want them to interact when you ask something
    • practice, practice, practice!


    • Thanks Kerry, love your tips. Agree with every single one!

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