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Hi All 

I am hoping that someone will be able to give me some advice and guidance.  I am currently using Zoom to deliver online classrooms however the IT department wishes me to use Microsoft teams (understand as zoom is an additonal expense).  The challenge that I have found with Teams is that anyone who is in the classroom using a personal email address i.e. not our work email address will not be able to participate in the whiteboard activities as they can't see it.  In Zoom doesn't matter what email address you have you are able to use all functions - whiteboard/ polls etc.  I have been informed that it is down to licences and if you don't have a 'cohort' team licence i.e. work email address then you can't see all the functions.

Any pointers/ advice/ guidance in this would be great.

I thank you all in advance


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  • Hi Hazel,

    Great question - and a challenge that a lot of people are having at the moment. 

    I've done some Googling and it looks like guest users don't yet have full access to the whiteboard, but the rumours are that Microsoft are working on it for this year. 

    This article has info about something you can download as part of Office 365, which might be helpful. 

    Whilst it's not idea, you could also consider something like Jamboard (though everyone has to have a Google account). 

    Over to you community Teams users - what settings or workarounds have you come up with?

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  • Hi Jo 

    Thank you for this link which was interesting.  I have just read a post on Microsoft with regards to allowing sharing with users outside an organisation and have added my vote to it :)


    I did look at Jamboard and like you said unless people have a google account they are unable to use the tools to add to a whiteboard activity.

    Thank you 


    How can we improve Microsoft Whiteboard on Windows 10?
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    Allow sharing with users/accounts outside of the organization

    Allow the feature where you can share a whiteboard with an account that is external to the current organization.

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