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End of year reflection and 2020 planning

Hi all,

It's a grey and rainy day here in Surrey in the UK and we are heading towards the end of the year (I know... too fast!).

I wondered what your reflections have been on what you have done and learned this year with regards live online design and delivery?

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  • Jo,

    A wonderful question.

    Under your tutelage I have been working on the ineractions. When I stick to the three to five minute rule, at the five minute end I am delivering too much.

    Your words of 'what can they be doing instead of you?' struck me. Since then I've been re-working my sessions to ask more, then correct and summarise, rather than deliver.

    Thank you,

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    My reflection is that 2019 was a great year to develop some of my skills. I feel like I'm working on the basics and I have some of those down now. what I want out of 2020 is to build on my confidence!! I'm going to start doing more of the things you suggest jo, about more engagement and doing different activities.

    thanks, great question!

  • This is probably a good place to remind you of the end of year podcast Mike and I recorded. We have some reflections on the year and a funny blooper too :D 


    Episode 34 - What we have learnt this year
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