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Here is an interesting twitter thread from @JaneBozarth and @ColinSteed :

They both agree that offering a recording of your webinar can decrease the value that an audience gains from the session. Not just for the those who can't attend and so can't participate fully if they watch a recording; but also to the attendees within the session who miss out on a potentially meatier discussion with fuller interaction.

What do you think? Do you feel you gain as much value from watching the recording compared to attending the live session? or do you tend to get distracted by present life if you watch the recording and can't get involved in the live interaction?

If you've found the same thing with your own sessions, how do you combat it?

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  • This is a hard question to answer and I don't think it has one answer.... My random thoughts:

    Pro recording

    • People who can't make it live might still sign up for the recording
    • Recording available can be the decider to someone on the fence or knows they might get interrupted
    • If even only a small percentage of people watch the recording, someone has still had value out of it
    • You can use those recordings for your own needs, marketing for example


    • A large percentage of people won't watch the recording
    • The fear people won't turn up live
    • Your sessions is designed around engagement and the viewer watching the recording won't get that
    • Because everyone is going to watch the recording and not turn up live the engagement for everyone else is diminished
    • You can forget to click record :'(

    My view

    If you are planning a massively engaging and interactive session then perhaps don't promote that a recording will be available. If the session goes really well then you have the option to promote the recording or utilise it after if you think someone watching it will still gain from other people's interaction.

    If you are running more of an informative or marketing session, I would make the recording available and promote it, even if a small percentage watch the recording then you have got your message across to someone.

    As I said, my random thoughts, will be interesting to get different opinions!


    • The link below is from another community post with a blog from Adobe about how to utilise your recordings. Might help swing your thought process.

      Webinar recordings - the gift that keeps giving!
      Here's an article from Adobe Connect with some tips on how best to utilise your webinar recordings.…
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