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I try to keep my hand in with F2F delivery to complement what I do live online, and have come to the conclusion that the answer to the above question is definitely YES! I've just written a LinkedIn article on my recent reflections.


Love to hear your thoughts on this (here or in LinkedIn). Anyone agree?  If so, why? Are there any new "habits" we learn that don't transfer back to F2F very well?


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  • Really great question Paul, thank you! And thank you for the link too. I'll read it later, but the short answer, like you, is YES! I've had so much feedback that after my courses people have improved their face to face delivery as well as live online, which is lovely to hear :D

    • Glad you've seen the same, Jo!

  • Great post Paul. I agree 100%, while I wouldn't consider myself an expert either face 2 face or online (there's always more to learn) but certainly there are elements of each that I have transferred to the other. For me, the thing is to spend some time reflecting on whichever form of delivery and how the elements can be improved or reused in other situations

    • Couldn't agree more, Kevin. Always so much to learn, which is why communities like this are so helpful.

  • Agree Paul. As well as your points well made, I find it sharpens the listening skills enormously. You really need to concentrate to achieve the learning outcomes in what is usually a much shorter time.    

    • I agree about listening John, and being focussed on getting more done in less time. It also makes me quite impatient in face-to-face meetings when I see how much "dead" time there often is.

  • Agree Paul. There are plenty of good habits I take from the virtual to F2F but I also try as much as possible to take the best habbits of F2F into virtual, such as ice-breakers and making it more fun. 

    I would say the one new habit that is not trasferred well the other way is video - when you are on virtual, you're only freind is the web-cam. but in F2F, i think people shy away from video and think its not needed - i would disagree - i think there are plenty of exercises that would benefit from video in F2F.

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