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Do you like webinars? Tweet question from JD Dillon

Hey all,

I've just seen this question on Twitter from JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect at Axonify:


1) Do you like webinars?

2) Do you get anything from them?

3) What could make them better?

4) What would be a better alternative for you?

What are your thoughts? You can reply below and/or reply to JD's original tweet


March 2020 update:

We are going through the Covid-19 work and teach from home time - so is this question still valid? Does it matter if we like webinars any more or not? 

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  • Some thoughts from me to get started:

    1) Yes! But only when they are done well. 

    2) See above :D I get information, updates, overviews, tips and tricks on the topic areas. Could also be demo's of platforms/software/processes that I'm interested in. 

    3) So many things. Focus on key points, not waffling at the beginning, have a chat window, embracing the audience, knowing the platform capabilities, utilising a good producer, much better slides, less coughing live online and so much more. 

    4) For some things a webinar is the best way - especially for a demo, audience engagement or to share information/data on screen. I love reading short sharp articles/blogs and listening to podcast discussions too. 

  • 1) NO! / Yes.... No because most are terrible, yes to the few which are good.

    2) Yes but to many times you need to drag the small amounts of information out of the webinar kicking and screaming through all the sales and blabbing!

    3) Shorter snappier intros, less sales, more engagement and make them FUN!

    4) Virtual Reality with loads of engagement and fun interaction, or.... all meet up in the holodeck :) 

  • 1. Yes, they can be really valuable. But I must confess I am someone who signs up to watch the recording after most of the time.

    2. Yes, from the good ones... That's why I like recordings... I can skip the parts I'm not interested in and ditch the ones that appear to be bad ones.

    3. What Jo says. But 

    4. hmmm, Time-stamped video recordings so you can jump in and out perhaps? I'm a just-in-time kind of guy so making time for a webinar I'm not sure will add value is a challenge.


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