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CPD Series private group

Hello everyone,

Part of our CPD Series includes access to exclusive resources and a private group for discussions. 

This is the group: https://lightbulbmoment.community/groups/cpd

If you think you should be a member and for some reason it's not working, just comment below and we'll look into it for you!


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  • Hi Mike

    I have joined the CPD series and the open group - can you please give me access to the private group?


    Can you also arrange fro me to be able to see the recordings of the sessions that have already taken place - I am not seeing these on my account.


    Caroline Walker


    • Welcome Caroline!

      You should have access to the Pricate CPD area now. You may well have an email providing more details.

      On the main page in the Private Community there are some videos that should help explain using the resources and joining your fist live session.

      You can find the recordings by navigating to the CPD Group. On the forum menu where it has 'Group home, Welcome info' etc, click 'Resources'.

      This will take you to a page that displays all our past sessions and has a filter selection for each session. From there you can click on any of the sessions and get all recording for the session plus any additional resources that goes with it.

      If you need any other help, please let me know.



  • Hi Mike,

    I've joined the community but don't seem to be able to access the CPD forum, I'm signed up to the series so think I should be a member.



    • All done for you Elizabeth. Welcome to the CPD Community!

  • Hi Michael

    I believe I've joined the community twice now, but it does not seem to work.



    • Hi Deb! All done for you :)

  • Hi Mike,

    I joined the community - I believe I should be a member, but it does not seem to work.

    Thank you,


    • All done for you Alex, welcome!

  • Hi Mike.  I've joined the open community, but can't get access to the CPD private group.  Can you join me up please? 

    Thanks very much,


    • All done for you Linda!

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