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We used Adobe Connect 11.2 (the newest) version for the premium sessions of LTDX February 2021. 

I was lead producer for 30 sessions, with a mixed bag of content, presenter styles, presenter abilities and some other professional producers and others whom where novice producers and / or hosts... suffice to say quite a test of a platforms reliability and usability.

The first week was Connect v11.06, and about 15% of the audience insisted on using "classic view" when joining sessions, despite me asking them to use standard view.

The second week was Adobe Connect v11.2 (mandatory Adobe system upgrade on the Sunday).

Both weeks went well, with hardly any issues, but, week 2 with v 11.2 was the best from a quality, content & delivery, and system perspective.

With 11.2 you can enforce use of the new HTML5 "standard view".   

This is the key part of the improved audio AND video quality, put simply, by removing the classic view the service (/servers) coped better, especially with higher audience numbers (which I’m not allowed to discuss in detail here, but, 'several hundred' people attended most sessions.

My only production issue encountered was a couple of presenters who could not install the revised Adobe Connect app, and, presented using the web browser client without a headset, their audio wasn’t as good as I wanted.

I now trust Adobe Connect again - welcome back old friend !

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  • Fantastic to hear James, thank you so much! I heard good things about your production :D I attended quite a few of the Connect sessions and they were great. A couple of the recordings (one with Mark Britz, for example) I found the audio was out of sync by a few seconds, a classic Adobe Connect problem. But great news all round :D 

    • The session you mention was in the first week of the conference used which used v11.06, and had people joining using the old (/problematic flash based) "classic" view, the second week used v11.2

      The recording engine used in v11.x is being re-worked ( to allow offlline MP4 flat recordings to use "standard view"), but, until June 2021 (when classic view / flash mode is completely removed), it's still in place for various resaons including compatibility for existing users.


      • You know your onions! :D 

  • I agree with both of you. Yes Adobe 11.2 has performed very well this week with three sessions so far with participants joining from 21 different locations across EMEA. And we have had zero audio issues this week. At last! My trust in Adobe is returning too.

    We are however struggling with the Pointer - grabbing it and using it on the screen is a non starter. It seems to get stuck. Anyone else having this issue?


    • not had any issues with  the share 'pod' pointer (but I dont have reason to use it much unless I'm training presenters).

      is this on any specific type of content? 
      does it happen with all content types?

      (im sure you know this.. but) the pointer is a single user controlled object... a bit like typing into a note pod where there is only 1 cursor.   

      So, if two (or more) people are trying to use it at the same time there will always be conflicts.    

      Are you using whiteboards?

      • Hi James, yes the issue happens when one person wants to use the pointer to, for example, focus attention on one area of a slide. If the slide is blank the pointer moves everywhere and easily but if there are text boxes on the slide, the pointer gets stuck on the edges of the boxes, or so it seems. The only work around I can see is to use the marker pen. Would be interested to know if you have the same issue.

    • Hi,

      AC11.2 has shown much better stability over here so far, and fortunately all my participants who were still using old versions of the app updated the software.

      However, there are still a number of participants preferring to join via browser. They run into audio issues then and again. Most of those issues are related to other software still blocking the microphone. Some just have bad or faulty microphones.

      Two days ago one participant using the app wasn't able to use the audio after coming back from a breakout session. Within the session everything worked fine for him, but afterwards even leaving the room and rejoining didn't help, we just couldn't hear him after he activated his microphone.

      A customer told me of occasions when AC didn't recognize built-in cameras on Lenovo notebooks after updating to the March version of the app. This is a known bug, but there's no solution or workaround yet.

      And yes, the pointer doesn't always jump to exactly the spot where I click with the mouse. That's been a problem with standard view since the first release of version 11. It seems to occur less often now, but it's still annoying. Please don't try to drag the pointer - just click where you want to emphasize something on your slide, and it will jump there (well, in most of the cases, but don't worry if it's a bit off).

      Overall I think it's been a good decision by AC to separate classic and standard view. I'm really enjoying using the new features like enhanced rights for participants, renaming breakout rooms or rotating groups between breakout rooms.

      Best regards,

      • this is great info Susanne, thanks for sharing.

        I've had some audio / micriphone recognistion issues - but always solved by getting the users to swtich to the lastest version of the app.... where your users with issues in the browser?

        • Yes, most of the time. Browsers want to use microphones and webcams exclusively, and in case the participants still have other software like Teams open, they can't access those.

      • Hi Susanne, this is very useful information about the pointer and also about Teams potentially stopping the webcams/mics in AC via the browser. Thank you.

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