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Exciting times in virtual platforms!

I've just seen this on LinkedIn:


Obviously there will be updates in video and audio and a lot of the tech stuff. I'm looking forward to the video updates as Adobe really are the master of the virtual classroom platform. 

I'm really hoping they bring back the colours for the "green tick/check and red X/cross", I miss that!

What do you hope for Adobe Connect 12?

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  • Hi Jo,

    Have you seen the webinar that they've scheduled for 8/9/2022? Here's the registration link: Speaker is Alistair Lee.

    I have already written a blog post about the new features and updated my quick reference guides - but it's German only. So if you want a peek and use the Google translator, here you go:



    Say Hello to Adobe Connect 12
    • Thanks for the link - I'm sure it will be a great update. 

      Also thanks for the article, and glad Google can translate it to English!

  • Wahooo! Can't wait!

    • Hi,

      Did you see that there's a 3-part-series with Alistair Lee coming up this month on how to improve your Adobe Connect designs? I'll be there for sure:



      Susanne Plaumann on LinkedIn: #AdobeConnect #AdobeConnect #AdobeConnect
      Für alle, die mehr aus #AdobeConnect herausholen wollen, ist dieses Angebot sicherlich eine gute Empfehlung. Alistair Lee ist bekannt dafür, dass er…
      • Fantastic! 

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