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Can a THREE hour live online session work?

On Twitter Sukh Pabial shared some insight on a three hour webinar he had facilitated. Sukh said the following across five tweets:

  • Delivered a webinar on Feedback and Coaching this afternoon. It was a 3 hour session. Here are some things that helped to make it happen well.
    We had two 5 min breaks during the 3 hours. Encouragement for people to step away from their device and actually have a break. 

  • Had two practise sessions set up and ready to go. Each was 15 mins long with about 15 mins debrief after each practise. The group was split into smaller groups and had separate virtual calls to complete the practise with each other.

  • After each main message I stopped and asked people to let me know how they understood what I described and what questions or comments they had. This allowed me to know we were ready to move from one piece to the next.

  • The slides had key information or graphics to act genuinely as an aid. They helped me to explain a model or provide clarity on how to practise. I didn't use video and that's a consideration for future instances. I don't think the lack of video was a barrier to learning.

  • At the end of the session 20 mins for reflection on their learning experience in a virtual environment and from the facilitated content. Encouraging to hear their feedback that they had useful learning and clarity of ideas for forward action.


I take away from this a few key things to enable a longer virtual classroom or webinar session to work:

  1. Two breaks! It could be one longer break in the middle, but two shorter breaks is better for getting people moving, comfort breaks and to get tea!

  2. The group work. Listening to anyone for three hours can be a lot, so the group work breaks this up and allows to concentrate on different parts of the session and different conversations. 

  3. Decent amount of time for feedback at the end.


What do you take away from what Sukh has shared and what might you do in the future?

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