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Hello everyone,

I have a session coming up with a lot of attendees. It will be a webinar and therefore the attendees will not have microphone rights allowed for them.

One idea I have is to put them into breakout rooms to draw on a whiteboard -- something Christmassy! -- is this possible without audio? Will it work well do you think?

Thank you for your advice,

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  • Hello,

    I thought I would update all the members here. Jo spoke to me about this concept, thank you very much. Jo gave me ideas I could use where attendees used the whiteboard as a group and audio wasn't needed. Jo was very clear about the importance of explaining how this would work upfront to ensure no confusion in the session.

    I asked people to draw different Christmas or winter scenes on the whiteboard. We had some fabulous drawings and the attendees said that they enjoyed the creative fun and it was something different in a webinar.

    I hope that gives you all some different concepts to work on.

    Thank you,

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