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Hi All.

I have a session coming up where our guest speaker is not able to join us live, but instead we will have to use a recording of a presentation made a few hours earlier. Like many of us here, I would normally advocate watching the recording in advance, but that won't be possible in this case.

The recording is likely to be around 30 mins total, but we have an hour to play with, so time for interaction :-)

I'm thinking we'll run the recording in 2 or 3 chunks and pause for questions and discussion in between. Any other thoughts though, or cracking ideas to share on how to "liven up" the participant experience?



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  • Hi Paul, 

    Great question!

    Has the speaker already recorded their video? If they haven’t, then you could perhaps ask them to pose questions where they normally would, then you can pause (or stop the video segment) and discuss those questions with your live audience.

    I did a similar thing for an Australian virtual conference that I couldn’t speak at live due to time zones, and I made sure to ask questions for people to put in chat and still encourage them to do so. Instead of pausing and reading the answers live like I would normally do, instead I said things like “Usually people are saying X and Y at this point and I think Z” or whatever depending on the topic. The feedback I got is that it felt a bit more natural and ‘live’ even though it was pre-recorded.

    I really like your segments idea. If it naturally goes to two or three chunks, then great. With 30 minutes though you might want smaller chunks, even if just for a relatively short interaction, depending on the group.

    Let us know what you do and how you get on!

    • Hi Jo.

      Love the idea of building in questions from the presenter into the recording. Can imagine it feels more natural than me pausing and asking them.

      In the end we didn't have a recording to work with, but a replacement live presenter, so that was a good result. Great ipmut for next time though.  Thanks again.



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