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  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry you haven't had any responses to this, hybrid is a relatively new area. 

    I've been discussing this with some clients recently (and I'm co-designing and co-hosting the Speexx exchange in December, which will be a hybrid event) and there are so many variables and options it's a challenge!

    For me it's considering who can see and hear who:

    1) The facilitator needs to see all the attendees - what hardware and software setup/production do you need to facilitate that?

    2) The attendees need to see the other attendees - what in the room makes that work for online participants and what will be needed for room participants to see everyone online?

    3) Everyone seeing the facilitation team and materials - what do you need in the room for people to see any slides/flipcharts etc and for the online people to also be able to see this. 

    4) How can you get everyone to hear the whole conversation and be involved, whilst managing talking over people, breakouts/group activities and the audio that goes with that. 

    I know that's not telling you specific hardware, but I hope it helps. 

    What have you found out in the meantime?

    • Thanks Jo.  Great questions. [I leant many years ago that asking the right questions is often more importnat than finding the right answers :-)]

      I've not discovered anything kit-wise yet.  I normally advise F2F attendees to bring their own device rather than crowding around one machine or even looking at a big shared screen at the front of the room.  It tends to level the playing field somewhat between F2F and virtual participants. A shared audio in the F2F room is a good idea though.


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