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Hi All,

I have a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere! Hoping someone here might have had a similar experience:

We ask our learners to register through a separate platform from Zoom. Once they register, they get the Zoom link. On the day of the session, when they use the link, they are taken to a Zoom registration page. We are trying to avoid having to have them register twice,

We looked into authentification in Zoom, but it looks like everyone would need a Zoom account, and many of our Learners do not have/can not have Zoom accounts.

Has anyone ran in to anything like this before? For example, is there a way we could upload a list of registered people somewhere in the backend, so when anyone on that list click the link to join, they can join and not have to register?


I am just at a loss here, and if anyone has ever ran into any of this before - or even have ideas as to where else I could find my answers- I would be greatly appreciative!!!


Thank you so much for reading this very long question :-)

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  • Hi Shanna,

    What an annoying problem!

    Are the Zoom events webinars or meetings that you setup?

    It does sound really weird the issue you are having and I assume that the problem is somewhere in the setup of the event. There must be a registration option ticked or something is my first guess. 

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