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Attendee thrown out of Break-out room


I was producing for Adobe Connect, Session 2,  and had a participant who was immediately thrown out of his breakout room. Repeatedly, though he shut down his VPN and all other apps.

He had no issues for the  first session, nor the first breakout of the second session. But he was instantly thrown out of breakout room 2, the 2nd session. \

Any thoughts/ideas/solutions? 

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  • Hi Shanna, sorry to hear your attendee was having these problems, especially when they didn't have problems with the other breakout sessions!

    Sounds like you both did the right things of shutting down VPN/other apps. Did they do a computer restart? If they were at home perhaps a router restart? Shouldn't have been a router problem, but you never know. 

    The only other thought I have about the second breakout was whether there was something in the breakout layout (a particular document in a share pod, for example) that for some reason the participant's computer didn't like. 

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