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are any of you experiencing particular problems with adobe connect?

We are really challenged by it at the moment - it kicks people out regularly and the voice and sound are incredibly unstable.  Sometimes people can use their mics and sometimes they can't.  

i am curious to see whether it's something to do with our set up or it's general. We are of course talking to adobe to see if they can resolve the issue.

please let me know - thanks.


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  • I’m sure all the platforms are being hammered for bandwidth at the moment, if you are finding many issues from yourself and attendees with Adobe Connect, switching might be an idea.

    Personally I think, If you don’t have faith in the platform as a facilitator, then you need to find a platform where you will feel comfortable.

    Let's see what other Adobe Connect users are feeling at the moment and perhaps you will get some ideas on how to help or what to do.

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