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  • Hi Paul,

    I haven't, but I'm aware of it. I thought I knew someone who had but they don't. Do you have a client that uses it?

    • Thanks Jo.

      One that's planning to. IT have the purse strings not L&D, so they may be tempted to go for something that's fine for virtual meetings but not great for learning. I'll sign up for the free trial and report back with my findings here.


      • Look forward to it. Do let us know if you want people to jump in for 10-15 minutes to help you out :D

        • Just had a quick peep. Very limited functionality as expected.  Chat, screen share that's about it. Whiteboard and annotations coming soon, but only the presenter can annotate, even on the whiteboard :-(  Polls only available in an event rather than a meeting.

          Great offer of 10-15 min reccie.  Thanks.  Might come back to that when the new features are available.

          • Cool. At least it's something for connecting. But it's not an ideal virtual classroom offering by the sounds of it. 

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