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Hi All,

It came to our attention that once Office 365 has been  installed, slide builds and animations in .PPT training decks no longer work if brought into the Content Viewer using the File > Share option in WebEx Training Center

Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this and any workarounds you have come up with that do not compromise other engagement features (chat, annotations, …)

If you do not use WebEx and can train on slides with builds and animations, please share what you use.

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  • Hi Stefanie, sorry you hare having this problem. This post might help:


    It depends how the software works as to whether the PowerPoint animations work. Adobe Connect does, although not all the modern ones. Systems where you share your screen rather than uploading slides (like Zoom, Skype and also you can do with WebEx) get over this issue. 

    Let us know if this helps!

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    • Thanks so much for your quick response Jo.  The challenge is when using application share in WebEx, the chat panel and participant panel, when pulled down cover the slides and you constantly find yourself moving panels from one side to see the slide to the other.  Any ideas on how you manage that?

      • Hi Stefania,

        Yes, you are right, it's annoying. And sometimes it can be that the attendees see hatched out squares, which is annoying too. 

        There are three options:

        1) Have a second screen/screen plugged into your laptop, so that you can put the panels in a separate place.

        2) Do as Jennifer has suggested and run in a window (might be the easiest option).

        3) Have a second computer logged in as an attendee or panelist and use that to read the chat and see hands up. 

        Let us know how you get on. 

  • Hi Stefanie,

    I agree, it is a pain!  

    The best workaround for this is to split slides so that there are no animations - there is a piece of software you can use... http://www.maxonthenet.altervista.org/ppsplit.php ;

    Then, you can load them into WebEx as normal.

    Hope that helps,


    • Thank you Jennifer.  So you have experienced the same issue and this "work around" hasn't hindered your ability to effectively run and engage participants in a virtual classroom training?

      • Not at all.  This workaround just means you've got a LOT more slides!  It doesn't affect engagement with participants at all.  Ideally, when designing slides for use in WebEx, don't incorporate builds, then you'll not need a workaround.  It is a pain though and would be much easier if WebEx could handle them.  

  • Alternatively, run your PowerPoint in a window, rather than full screen and application share so that you can have the other pods elsewhere on your screen and not over the top of the slides. 

    In PowerPoint, go to Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show, then change the type to browsed by individual (window).

    • I love this tip, thank you! I remember you shared it on our Facebook group and I use it for all of my Zoom sessions now :D

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