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Hi again.

Tips please!

I'm designing a flagship leadership development programme (all virtual of course) - 30 senior leaders, 2-3 sessions per week for 3-4 weeks and I'm looking for new ideas for a real WOW moment to kick things off with the whole group - something that creates a lot of energy and excitement and leaves them thinking: Hey - now this programme is going to be something else.

We have plenty of breakouts, quizzes, team challenges etc lined up for throughout the programme. Just after something a little different.

I'm sure you get the gist!


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  • Hi Paul,

    Great question - and hard to answer! These things always depend on the tech, their comfort with it, the audience generally, how well/much you know about them and each other, how much time you have and all sorts of other things. 

    Do you have Kassy LaBorie's book Impact and Engage? There are ideas in there. 

    I would consider if you want a balance between content kick off or personal intro. And if it's about using the chat/webcam/audio or another platform like Padlet/Menti etc to enable it. And, if they need some kind of pre-reading/reflection/work to get them in the right place to do your wow activity!

    I know I haven't answered the question really, but hope that helps a bit. Do you have some more details/thinking that might help us give you some suggestions?

    And what kind of things have people done and found great, or been part of?

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    • Thanks Jo.

      We are planning to use Beekast (a new one for me) for asynchronous collaboration and a few live activities. There's some funkier stuff in there (at least more funkier than Teams - not difficult :-)) so maybe the answer lies within there.


      • That's a new one on me too! It does look interesting :D

        I think it's considering initially what you want people to feel, how you want them to be together and what the outcome of the wow activity is. Then looking at what cool stuff can enable that. 

        It might not help for this activity, but this is a really interesting book that might help with some thinking around the topic. Laura Overton sent it to me, as it's about how people gather, in all sorts of different ways, why they do and how to get the most out of it. It's not specifically about training, but it's giving me lots of food for thought :D

        The Art of Gathering on Amazon.

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