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Adobe Connect video issues

I had an issue with Adobe connect a few weeks ago - running videos. Mine were too high a quality (megapixies or something) and so they kept stalling. Jo kindly stepped in and helped and I used an app called handbrake to reduce the quality. Worked a treat and i will remember this for next time!! Just thought i would share. Also keeping them in a separate layout not embeded in a PowerPoint seems to work better too!

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  • Hi Krys,

    It was a pleasure to help out as it's a problem that has come up a few times recently. I think it's where our video recording options (either on a computer or phone or decent cameras) are having more and more detail/quality and higher file sizes. 

    The issue is with the "bitrate", which is part of the quality measurement of the video. You can find out the bitrate of your video file by looking at the file properties just from your PC/Mac. 

    Adobe Connect has a help article with loads of detail. It states that videos should have 500kbps bitrate. If a video has higher than this it will most likely stutter and stop when playing.

    What if the video bitrate is higher? First start with whatever software you used to edit and see if there's a setting to turn that down. If that doesn't work, you could use a free piece of software called Handbrake and this can lower the video quality. 

    Great tip on the layouts in Adobe Connect for media files, you are right, much better them putting them in PowerPoint :D Well done on sorting it all out!

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