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Adobe Connect timer options



We are having issues with "stagelights' being off- some users see one thing, some see another. I'm wondering if there is an option for an internal clock, which does not sync to the computer's clock. Any suggestions?




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  • We always seemed to have syncing issues with stage lights being used.

    I also tried making a video with a countdown timer but this seemed to have syncing issues also!

    I would think as you say, it is something to do with local timing on the device being used, internet lag issues or even FPS on the display device.

    When Jo and I need to time something, such as when we have attendees doing practice delivery and they have 10 minutes. One of us checks the time and keeps track of it, that time keeper then provides updates on timing. Old school but it works.

    I do know there are lots of fancy things you can do in Adobe Connect but if the syncing issues has nothing to do with the app but the platform code, then i would think they will have some issues.

  • that custom pod ahas always beenb "buggy".

    it is possible to code a timer that works, we did it with SurveyMaker, but, I dont know what is avbialble in HTML pod format

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