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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Does anyone know how to control slides in the breakout rooms from outside the rooms?  So the scenario is: you have the same slide deck in all breakout rooms and that slide deck has one slide per activity and you want to make sure that all breakouts are working on the same activity, how do you do this?

Many thanks,


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  • Hi Liz and Happy New Year to you too! 

    Great question and something unique to Adobe Connect.

    The way to get this to work is to do with where your pods are and how you've created your breakout rooms. 

    What you need is a new Breakout layout. Put in your pod with the slides that you want to be able to control and for all people to see in their individual breakout room. 

    In the attendees pod you then create your breakout rooms. Start the breakout rooms and go into each room, setting it up as you would do normally.

    Come back to the main room and set it up so that you have the slides there. When you have a second device in a breakout room, you should be able to see you can move through the slides.

    Hope that helps :D

    • Hi,

      when setting up the breakout room make sure that the navigation arrows for the share pod with the slides are covered by some other pod. Otherwise, the participants will be able to advance the slides by themselves.

      You could have the share pod with the slides in the host-only area and advance your slides from there during breakout.



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