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Adobe Connect-Connection Lost error messages



Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this same issue in the past few weeks.

I have been getting "Connection Lost" error messages in AC at random times. My computer freezes, until the connection is made again.It does seem to be an AC error and not my personal bandwidth.

Some things to know:


1. This has happened to several members of my team, both in the US and internationally, at various times and dates. It's not just me.

2. I am hardwired in to my router, not using WIFI. I have ran the connection troubleshooting test and everything comes up fine

3. When I lose connection and rejoin, the slides start from the beginning and I have to scroll through in a live event to get to the correct one

4. While this usually only happens once or twice a week, yesterday I had it happen more than 10 times in one 90 min session. arlier, in a seperate class, my co-worker had it happen at least 8 times.


Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you resolve?


Thank you!


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  • Ouch that's painful! I've been using a lot more Teams and Zoom recently as that's what clients have needed. In a few Connect sessions recently, hosted by US companies rather than European ones, I did have some time outs/crashes too. I'm assuming this is to do with updates and I've heard rumblings about teething problems. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon!

    • Thanks! That's what I'm hoping as well

  • This is normally the hosted environment your system lives within experiencing connectivity issues.

    You need to report it to the Adobe Connect support team, unless they are made aware nothing much will change...

    if you can provide them with details (room URL, date / time of outage) it usually helps.


    hope that helps


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    • Thanks James.

      We have been recording that info and reporting it to AC support, so we'll just continue to do so. 

      • great.

        Did you get any response?  I find they can be a bit hit and miss.... especially with emails.


        • Nothing yet :-)

  • Hi Shanna, some Adobe news on updates (which you might already know!):

    Adobe Connect and Flash
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    • Thanks for this! Now, it's my understanding that Mac users can't use the new view; they are still on classic. Will this change once classic view is no longer supported?

      • Mac users can use new HTML view - but only in a browser, not the app.

        (but, i cant confirm that as I dont have a mac to test with)

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