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Adobe Connect - best options

I am running an event which has podcasts, videos and YouTube clips and am looking for the best combinations and least lag:

For a video, do I:

  1. Share the mp4 file directly?
  2. Imbed the mp4 into the PowerPoint?
  3. Imbed a YouTube link into the PowerPoint?

For the podcasts do I :

  1. Imbed the link into the PowerPoint (Then it goes off into a browser window?)
  2. Share the browser window playing the podcast
  3. Download the podcast and upload to Adobe?

Sorry if this is basic but I am getting myself in knots trying to master the various permuations and wondering which ones will work best?


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  • Hi Krys,

    Sounds exciting!

    Video: I would put the MP4 file in a share pod on a layout to play when I want to use it. They don't play well (or at all) when part of PowerPoint, so I find this is best. As a backup you can have the link to paste into chat for people to watch locally and/or later. Be aware when you start playing to make sure everyone is on mute to stop horrific echo. Also make sure to give people a moment at the end to allow for different bandwidth speeds. You could also for a green tick/check when the video ends.

    Podcast: Option 3, as above. 

    It's not basic at all, it's a great question and every platform handles these thigns slightly differently :D

    • Thanks Jo - amazing advice as always, I didnt know you could have multiple share pods..... this is making it soooo much easier with all the other stuff too!

  • Hi Krys.

    I'm with Jo all the way. The other option I've used in the past is the YouTube app for Adobe Connect.


    It streams really well (could be smoother than playing an MP4). Downsides:

    Only good for YouTube videos

    You now have to pay for it :-(  Though you can get a free trial.


    Adobe Connect ConnectTube YouTube Viewer
    Adobe Connect ConnectTube YouTube Viewer
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