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Adobe Connect 11!

It's here! Adobe Connect, the latest version has been launched, and it's packed full of new features and improved underlying technology. 

If you are a Connect user, or if you have found Connect to be a little clunky in the past, this upgrade is for you. Not only is Flash a thing of the past, there are new features in Connect too - such as rotating people in breakouts and locking layouts so people can't move your pods!

Adobe have all sorts of information to help you out, including:



Have a look at the new interface, have a play, and let us know what you think of the changes :D

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  • Hi Jo,

    the new interface is good to have and it looks much more modern than before, especially when set to either a completely white or dark color setting. And it's really nice that they not only migrated the existing features but added new ones. I especially like the granular management of additional rights for participants.

    However, as a facilitator or producer you're facing quite a number of additional mouse clicks to achieve the same things as before. And some of your layouts may have to be adjusted as some pods need more space to show all relevant information.

    As with all software updates there are always two sides to it, and Adobe still has to work on stability issues (at least over here on the European servers, don't know about the American ones). Unfortunately I had to postpone a webinar about the new interface and features on very short notice due to such issues.

    However, I'm looking forward to working with the HTML view in more and more sessions. IMHO Adobe Connect is still the most complete software when it comes to online trainings and the range of methods to use via built-in features.

    Greetings from Berlin,


  • our experience has been terrible so far - unable to connect properly or really weird issues - here in Europe!  we are working on zoom until they get this sorted.


  • There are definately still issues for Adobe to resolve with Connect 11 HTML client, or, should I say, "I'm having issues with it".

    When setting up meeting rooms I would recommend (for the moment) using ether "classic" or "standard" view...  BUT not allowing both modes for a meeting room.   

    Trying to have both modes working at the same time has caused me no end of issues, but, using just one mode for the room (all attendees) seems to have less issues.

    In this image you can see I have DESELECTED standard view for the browser and selected classic view for the app.   I have also unticked the option in the meeting room for ENABLE HTML CLIENT.     

    This is the only way of ensuring that all meeting room attendees use ther same "classic" interface.  IF you allow standard view for browsers then behind the scenes the server is using newer versions of code for audio and video, and these are the aspects I've had issues with..

    (classic is the existing app and Flash Media Server audio and video behind the scenes)
    (standard is the new HTML based environment and does NOT use flash media server behind the scenes).

    it's important to note that the Connect desktop app (for Windows) has two display modes - one for HTML style (standard) and the other for existing / classic style.   The mode that the app uses is triggered by the meeting rooms settings.... 

    Apple Mac Desktop app will only use classic mode until later in December 2020.

    I have struggled with MP4 video files in standard (HTML) view.  various issues such as no play back controls, and / or, inconsistent play back (some users seeing X and other Y, videos not rewinding etc).


    • Hi James,

      thanks for the input. I have encountered these problems as well, and a "pure" setting to either classic or standard (HTML) view in both application and browser interface really seems to be the best way to handle them right now.

      Apart from that there are still stability issues when checking in via browser. I have experienced multiple logouts and re-logins when attending via browser even on a LAN connection. And participants who weren't able to login via browser at all because the preparation window freezes at 80 - 90 % completion. I am told that Adobe is working on these issues and recommend using the app to all my participants.

      It looks as if browser attendance requires a different load balance handling on the servers than app attendance. I have encountered such problems with other HTML5-based software for online meetings and trainings as well. Seems to come with the technology involved.

      Cheers from Berlin,

      • Glad we are not alone in our experiences as that means the problems should be easier for Adobe to repeat, it's difficult to fix issues if you cant make them happen again.

        The server side of Adobe Connect has media streaming engines to receive audio and video from attendees, and send that out to other attendees.  this as always been Flash Media Server (/gateway), and that engine dictates what audio and video quality is transmitted to the attendees (app, browser etc). 

        Obviously another server component has been added to handle decoding, encoding and transmission of AV data for HTML clients.  

        Keeping the two server side components in perfect sync is obviousaly struggling, in addition to whatever bugs there are within the code that the HTML client apps / broswers are runinng (on you local device).

        When you open the lid on these systems, the complexity of what is being done is very high, but, we all expect it to simply work on whatever combinations of device and operating system we happen to have in our hands.

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