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Adobe Connect 10 - a new look?

Does Adobe Connect look a bit dated? Well with the transition from Flash (which is a long-standing technology being phased out) to HTML 5 the interface is due an overhaul. 

From a conversation on LinkedIn, Conrad Simms shared an image of an HTML client for the attendee, which he says Adobe will be announcing soon:

What do you think of this?


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  • It's far less "trim" and not very space efficient.  


    • Agree Karen, you can see that especially on the chat window. Assuming you can't customise that element, imagine a webinar with hundreds of people :(

      Even with a busy virtual classroom that's not going to look great.

  • Hey Jo.

    I love Adobe Connect and therefore cannot see anything but beauty in that image! Trusting it works, I think it's great. I'm surprised at how well it's translated into HTML 5 from Flash. Looks almost as the original did I think?

    Not so sure I'm as keen on quite as many open windows, but if they've got the same presenter controls I'm sure you can easily customise all that and more.

    So yep, I'm a fan!

    • I was thinking the same Ady regarding customisation. It looks cleaner and sharper, the image has a lot going on as I guess they want to show off features.

      Once you get in and customise you will be able to have it how you want but looking far more modern with the updates.

      Can't wait!

      • Me neither! Will be interesting to see what the "improvements" are that they mention in the video I posted. I so wish I was a consultant with them (read: tell them what to do).

    • Yes, definitely a fan of the cleaner, sharper and more modern look and feel whilst still retaining the Adobe Connect-ness of it!

      Agree, this screengrab is just showing off lots of windows I think :D

  • Adobe have now released a video demo of the new HTML5 option. They say that the "new HTML client won’t replace the desktop application – or even the Flash version of Adobe Connect. Rather, it will provide another option for attendees – ensuring they can join Adobe Connect meetings easily using whatever technology they choose."

    What do think of this update then?

    For me, I think they missed a massive trick by not having all/most of the emoticons across the top of the window. People struggle, initially, with the drop down menu to get to the tick/cross and it's extra effort to use them. So sad they didn't change that. 

    Also, if this is another option, and you have instructions/slides with screengrabs, I guess it will time to update them to include this option?

  • Hey all, there's more news of the Adobe Connect 10 release! I'm getting the update in my account later this month!

    An Adobe blog on the topic:

    The highlights of the changes, with some good new/updated features:


    Introducing Adobe Connect 10
    We couldn't be more pleased to announce the next major release of Adobe Connect - version 10.0. Adobe Connect 10 is a significant milestone for us an…
  • I am and Adobe Connect Fan and looks like the appearance will become a little more "apple-y" and slick but will be keen to see that the simplicity in use for both the trainer and participant is maintained.

    • Agreed John! I've heard some negative things from a few people who've seen and used it, but will reserve judgement until I get my hands on it myself later this month :D

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