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Adobe Connect 10.5 Issues

Since 10.5 the power point converter seems to have took a step back.

Any images that have been cropped in PwerPoint do not display properly.

Also had issues with the slide master not displaying as it did.

Also it goes not detect any line breaks I put in the notes section.

All of this worked fine before but now does not.

Anyone else had issues? Does Adone know how much worse it is?

Regards Rich 

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  • Hi Rich, oh no, really sorry to read this. 

    Is this litereally in the last day or so since the upgrade?

    • Hi Jo.

      Started earlier this week. There are ways round this if you are developing new PowerPoints. If Adobe can not fix these issues than it will take many hours of amends for all the courses I oversee for us and our clients. I will be in touch with Adobe on Tuesday to work this through. 

      Keep you posted.

      Regards Rich

  • Hi Richard,

    I'm having some problems since the 10.5 upgrade too. 

    The below pic should be all black and not have any lines in it. The lines are the actual image on top of a black background, and the same on other slides :(


    I've asked on some Adobe forums and will get back here once I know more. 

    • Hi Jo.

      Yes similar issues to me. Been on to Adobe today and they are working on it.

      I do have work arounds already which is fine for the development of new content. But to apply these to all the vc's I oversee would take a couple of weeks.

      In the meantime try to avoid any cropped images. If you need to crop, once done save picture as and then use the new saved version. Some images I have used the snip tool then copied back in to the presintation. Seems to work.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers for now folks.

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