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Hi everyone.  I've got a question about Adobe. Does anyone know if you can share content across user accounts. For example, if trainer A created a virtual classroom on their logon, could another colleague from the same company access trainer A's content and be able to deliver the same session to a different group of people? What do you think?  

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  • HI Liz, I see you have asked on our Facebook group and gotten an answer already about sharing meetings/seminars :D

  • Hi Jo, I posted this query in the Lightbulbmoment FB page too and got some great responses.  I love technology and the speed at which we can get answers.  What great mates we have in the online world:) All responses talk about using the Shared Meeting folder and some talk about using Shared Templates.  I will bottom this out over the next day or so and will post back what I have found works.

  • Hi Liz,

    Absolutely. I'd recommend uploading all of the content you'd like to share into the Adobe Connect content library - in the "Shared Content" section. All other Meeting Hosts can access that content (you can also limit it to specific users/groups) and add it to their own meetings. It's handy to have a shared library of resources - especially for items like room backgrounds, music, videos, and custom pods. 

    You can also create room templates so that a user creating a brand new room will not only have the same look and feel as the template, but it can automatically be populated with content. This can be handy to ensure consistency across trainers. 
    Here's a quick how-to I created on room templates:


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