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2022 State of Virtual Training

Hi all,

Cindy Huggett's brilliant annual virtual training research has been released! You can read about it here and look at the infographic here

A couple of highlights:

  1. Average design time for an hour of delivery is 12.5 hours. Are you getting this much time to design your sessions?
  2. 64% of participants are using webcams - is that good or bad for facilitators and other attendees?
  3. 7% of people are starting to include AR and VR - are you one of those people?

Have a look and let me know what you think and what questions you have!


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  • Good morning,

    AR and VR as part of virtual classrooms!? I do recall you saying something about this a long time ago Jo, but I didn't think I'd see anything about it for a number of years!


  • I definitely do not have 12.5 hours of design time for an hour of delivery. It would be great to have that! As for webcams, I think the more webcams, the better.  I have noticed it making a huge difference in not being able to have those visual cues for body langauge and facial expressions.

  • I really think the 12.5 hours for design/development is interesting. It's higher than last year's survey (which was just 9 hours), but much lower than pre-pandemic years (where it hovered in the 30-50+ hour range).

    Is it that we're getting better at designing for virtual? Is it not enough time but we're making do with what we have? Something else? 

    • Intresting questions, Cindy. I think we're making do with what we have? I would love to have that amount of time to prepare content and delivery. The more time I am given, the more creative and engaging I can make it. We may collectively be getting better at designing for virtual, but we may also be attempting to get more creative. I know I watched one of Jo's trainings (and some others too) in the Adobe 2021 Conference, and it really encouraged me to think more critically about my engagement levels and engagement activities for learners, so I may take more time then trying to build that out in my trainings.

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