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The Training Journal monthly podcast

Editor Jon Kennard interviews Jo about whether you can facilitate live online.

Training Journal "L&D on trial" excerpts of investigating learning styles, MBTI and more.

Lauren Waldman on neuroscience research

Gary Luffman on applying neuroscience to L&D

Donald H Taylor on Learning Technologies Asia

Kirsty Lewis interview about being early in the process of using webinars and virtual facilitation

Previews of the Online Educa Berlin conference 2017

Donald Clark on whether higher education is needed in teh future workplace

Stephanie Barnes on knowledge management and art

E-learning with Jennifer Lindsay-FinanFiona Quigley and James McLuckie

Janet Webb on  team working

Stella Collins on neuroscience

CIPD L&D Show 2017 round upwith TJ Editor Jon Kennard


The epic multi-part interviews

Cathy Moore on action mapping and her new book Map It

Owen Ferguson on how the workforce really uses technology:

Donald H Taylor on Learning Technologies in the Workplace.