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  • Bumping this back up to the top.

    Anyone in the Communtiy able to help Deb?

  • Deb - I found this, but I can't find a date attached to it.  Based on what I read, it seems fairly accurate when I compare it to our dev time.  


    eLearning Development Calculator - Estimate the Time to Create a Course
    Quickly calculate how long it takes to develop 1 hour, or any length, of eLearning using industry-stadard ratios and benchmarks for creating eLearnin…
  • Thanks for providing feedback, Adrianne.

    Looks like that's from the Chapman study from 2010. I've used that as a reference for quite some time. It has ILT, but not not VILT.


    I'm reaching out to some collegues to see if they're estimates align with what I typically budget.

    Thanks again,


    Chapman Alliance: LMS Selection Services, Learning Technology Consulting, Choosing an LMS - How Lon…
  • Deb, Here are the results of my 2020 survey. Almost 900 responses came in, and one of the questions was how long it takes to develop 1 hour of interactive virtual training:



  • Thanks for sharing your survey results, Cindy. Great information!

    I'm finding there's quite a wide-range of estimates depending on the:

    • frequency of interactions
    • tools used during sessions
    • number of assets (decks, guides, job aids, etc.)
    • whether the VILT is part of a larger learning journey or a standalone event
    • And several other items 

    So, I'm defining low, average, and high ratios with detailed definitions of what each level means.

    Thanks to the wonderful community for all your input. Much appreciated!


  • Hi Debbie and everyone else - there's been an update on the ATD research about how long it takes to develop training! You can read it here

    For online/virtual, a 25 minute module could take between 35 and 86 hours of development time. 

    Obviously there will be a lot of variation depending on how much you know the content, the platform, if you are designing for yourself or others, what SME and sign off time is involved and much more. 

    And I also personally dislike the lumping together of online and virtual as I think there's less clarity there. But maybe that's just me! 

    How Long Does It Take to Develop Training? New Question, New Answers.
    This article is a continuation of former research from 2003 to 2017 that sought to answer how long it takes to develop one hour of training.
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